About us

TRUEWIN INDUSTRIES, the Pakistan's leading manufacturer of diminutive surgery instruments is a family business specialization in the design and manufacturing of Top Quality Surgical, Dental, Manicure and Veterinary Instruments and export to our prestigious customers through out World from many years.

TRUEWIN INDUSTRIES, production units are well equipped and updated to manufacture instrument under a high Quality Control Environment with deploy the latest technology and techniques and also top quality research laborites in our facilities to assess the quality of instruments at each and every stage.

TRUEWIN INDUSTRIES, eager to offer only esteem and prestige organizations by best quality and very reasonable prices just in time delivery and excellent service, Which is also trademark of our organization.

TRUEWIN INDUSTRIES, uses stainless steel of top medical standard under specification of ASTM and other Europeans standards.

We are committed to ensure the products quality, complete customer satisfaction and what we say the same we do.

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Manufactures & Exporters Of Surgical, Dental, Manicure & Veterinary Instruments